Terms and conditions of Plusian Preneur (PP)

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  • Terms and conditions of Plusian Preneur (PP)
  1. Those registered under the programme of Plusian Preneur will be known as PP. 2. PP must experience MCPlus classes before promoting it to others.
  2. PP must have/had at least a one-month subscription with MCPlus.
  3. PP’s enrolment of Plusian Preneur is with the parent’s consent, and if found otherwise, MCPlus has the right to remove PP from the Plusian Preneur programme.
  4. PP is not an agent of MCPlus. MCPlus is not responsible and accountable for any actions of PP. All PP actions are done with their own free will and without any coercion from MCPlus.
  5. Upon signing up for the Plusian Preneur programme, PP will receive a one-time referral code. This referral code has a two-year expiry date.
  6. PP can promote their referral code publicly and with acceptable manners. PP is not allowed to overpromise/oversell. MCPlus is not responsible and accountable for PP’s actions.
  7. For every subscription of MCPlus using PP’s referral code, PP is eligible for a one-off cash credit which is 10% of the amount of the subscription fee. This cash credit is known as PP’s Credit.
  8. PP’s Credit cannot be transferred to other people.
  9. Please ensure that the recruits enter PP’s referral code correctly during the registration. Should those intended to register using PP’s referral code fail to do the action, MCPlus will not entertain any excuses.
  10. Eligible PP’s Credit will be checked & validated first by MCPlus before it is credited into PP’s parent/guardian registered bank account. Please be informed that the validation and withdrawal process of PP’s Credit into the registered bank account number takes around five working days. PP cannot reverse the process once applied for withdrawal. MCPlus has the right not to entertain such requests.
  11. Should MCPlus finds PP uses the Plusian Preneur system with irregularities and/or mala fide, MCPlus reserves its right to bring the matter(s) to court. Consequently, PP will be automatically dismissed from the Plusian Preneur programme upon the said findings.
  12. Should PP conduct fraudulent activities to others using the Plusian Preneur programme, MCPlus has the right to take the said complaints/matters to legal authority.
  13. Should PP be found to have conducted any suspicious or fraudulent activities and/or using the Plusian Preneur system with irregularities and/or mala fide, MCPlus has the right to immediately freeze PP’s Credit until a due investigation is conducted and completed.
  14. MCPlus does not tolerate any defamation against its company and/or employees and takes this matter seriously. MCPlus also reserves its rights for legal actions.
  15. All subscribed students using PP’s referral code are not refundable regardless of any condition.