Revolutionising education on a daily basis

Our History

MC Corporate Consultation Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2008. Before that, we operated using ESSES enterprise since 2005. Operating 10 outlets of tuition centre all over Klang Valley with students numbering 5500 annually. The pandemic struck during 2020. We are one of the few brands that managed to convert to online. The practicality, the efficiency of online is undefeated when compared to offline operation. This is the future.


MCPlus was founded in April 2020, in conjunction with MCO1. Before, we were known as The Maths Clinic; one of the top leading tuition centres in Klang Valley, Selangor. MCPlus now has about 230 employees nationwide, with more than 96% working from home. This figure alone put MCPlus as the biggest online tuition center in Malaysia.


The pandemic stops face to face learning all over the globe but it does not stop time. This creates a problem; Malaysian students stopped learning but does not stop growing older. Letting this manifest will lead to the birth of “lost generation” for Malaysia. MCPlus plans to counter this. MCPlus aims to provide quality live online classes and we deliver.

Our Customers

MCPlus now stands at the top of the field with over 541826 students reached ranging from Year 5 (11 years old) up until Form 5 (17 years old). We see a future where online learning is not only a norm, but a must for students aiming to remain competitive in an ever changing world.

Our Vision

MC Plus revolutionising education on a daily basis.

– this vision of ours gives us a sense of direction in conducting our business. It captures our aspiration to prioritizing not the company’s bottom line but the betterment of our students, of our nation. It is the basis for what we all stand for as one team. Our vision and our values guide the choices and decisions our troopers, tutors, and the whole team makes every day.

Future mode of operation

The company decided to scale down offline department to only 5 outlets and focusing 80% of our operation online. The offline is no longer practical in the face of this new norm but we are keeping it as an option and also as a training ground for our tutors so we will continue to give the best to the students.