It was indeed and undeniably good and effective! The learning process and progress is not too fast and not too slow! I love how the tutors strategise in teaching plusian behind the scenes! I love the tutors and troopers vibes! They’re all friendly in helping plusian with our problems! I love this community! I can see the chances for me to get straight A’s in SPM with mcplus!!

But, I’d like to suggest mcplus to improve the payment duration (?) i don’t know how to say this but the things i wanna say is i paid RM139 for 30 days but my class is just 3 days in a week which actually my classes is just 12 days in a month and i waste 18 days every month. I don’t want to say im in loss but kind of, because i subscribed mcplus using my own saving money. So i hope mcplus take this feedback and suggestion with an open heart, and improve this matter 🙂 Thanks 🙏🏻