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MC-plus The BIGGEST Online Tuition in Malaysia

Have you ever heard of Maths Clinic or Maths Clinic Plus or MC or even MC+ ? Familiar with it? Great! No, you don’t? Also great cause I’m still gonna talk about that anyway.

(Disclaimer: Credit goes to the owner)

Fyi, Maths Clinic Plus (MC+) is an online alternative for the offline physical tuition centre, Maths Clinic. It started during the quarantine period and said to be continued even after the mentioned period (gosh am so glad for that). They offered free unlimited classes for the first month of the newborn and the paid package started from the 15th of April 2020. Thay are using ZOOM app as the platform (which you can open on iOS, Android or any PC). With the existence of this online tuition, NO MORE EXCUSE to have a long long learning break moreover during this quarantine period. #KurungAjar !

My First Step

Not so lucky that i discovered the existence of MC+ a lil bit late. I joined the free unlimited classes only on the last 4 days of the offer (i still remember my first class that moment was with Sir Uzairi on revision of circle). But that’s okay that i didn’t miss the promotion for the early birds! Alhamdulillah! (ehem.. Plusian Along say HI!!!) And i’d also love to mention here, my friend who exposed this cool stuff to me. Shout out to PutriKamelia!!! May Allah bless her, aamiin ya rabb.

The Class
One of MC+ tutors (Fathi Hussein) teaching online

I cannot be more grateful. This alternative of learning seriously gave me a huge impact! They made learning fun. They made me felt i’m more than just in front of an illuminating screen. And i really really have to mention this, I LOVE THE WAY THEY COMMUNICATE WITH ALL THE STUDENTS!!! (sorry for screaming) Seriously from the deepest of my heart, the way all the tutors and the team behind the scene communicate with us (yep you read it right. the bts team do communicate with us). It just made me felt more excited for the upcoming classes after the past class. I can say a lot more stuff that i love and i’m pretty sure the other students couldn’t agree more. Learning felt easier. Learning felt more fun. Learning felt like a nature now. And at least i know after the quarantine when im back to school, my brain is well-prepared.

Okay now let’s get serious!!!

Sorry i think i talked too much about what i feel on MC+. I guess i should just write another post on How I Felt About MC+ (okay im overly excited about this stuff but nothing i can do ’bout it hihihi). BACK TO THE SUBTOPIC, LET’S GET SERIOUS!!! please people please. My dear friends, brother and sister, year 3 until form 5, You gotta join this. I swear this is never a paid promotion, paid partnership or stuff, this is an honest recommendation cause im on the cloud9 rn and i want you guys to feel the same or even better. Or if you are still hesitate to pay for those classes, you can still join their free class #IlmuFree . But remember, paid classes always worth more. You don’t really have to do much complicated stuff. And basically you just need a ZOOM account and MC+ account. You can check out the instagram @mathsclinicplus for more further information and if you need any help, go to their story highlight and swipe up to contact their team.

MC+ Instagram Account
MC+ Web Portal

So i think that that’s all for this post. BUT! Don’t forget to check out another upcoming post that im gonna be telling you on how i felt about MC+ and some appreciation i’d love to dedicate to the special ones. In Sha Allah



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